Who We Are

Company Overview

PCI Applications

PCI Applications was formed to create software and value-added products for the PCI Industry processors.

Our Flagship product, MyPCISite, is designed and created as a friendly web site for smaller merchants, where they can easily and quickly understand their PCI requirements, avoid or mitigate data breaches, and securely handle credit card transactions.

We understand that no one is entirely protected from hackers and card data theft. To further protect merchant’s businesses, we can integrate into our program a level of financial protection in the form of an expense reimbursement program for costs associated with a data breach.

Our site also includes security training modules on key issues that can be easily completed on that will help merchants understand what PCI Compliance is all about and what to do to protect themselves.

The history of the principals who created PCI Applications is as small merchants and as IT staff working in ISO organizations. So we understand the credit card industry and PCI compliance as well as the priorities and needs of a small business.

In this way, we can work with our partners -- Banks, ISOs and credit card processors -- to make this solution available for their merchant portfolios. If you are an ISO or Processor and are interested in the MyPCISite offering, please Contact us

If you are a merchant interested in our program, please conact your ISO and ask for our program.

Executive Team

Chris Lake, President

Chris Lake, a founder and co-owner of PCI Applications, has over 35 years experience in Technology and Software Development. She was an owner and Top Executive of RealWorld Corporation, one of the first PC-based accounting softare companies in the US, which was later sold to Great Plains and ultimately Microsoft.

Her experience includes all aspects of managing a software development business. Her understanding of both business and technology bring a rarely found perspective and value to software projects, our partners and customers.

Chris is an alumna of Franklin Pierce University, NH, majoring in Computer Science, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

She has consistently supported many humanitarian causes through her life, and is in particular a staunch supporter of education reform, the Way to Happiness Foundation, and Human Rights. She loves travel, a variety of sports, and spending time with her family.

Maureen Evans, CTO

Maureen Evans is a founder and co-owner of PCI Applications and has over 20 years of experience in the Insurance and Financial industries. Having worked with the largest insurance brokerage in Southern California, Maureen is experienced in IT, sales, marketing and management. Her IT background spans 12 years in both hands on development and management of software projects. She has been intimately involved in the design and development of several enterprise level software solutions for the insurance industry.

As CTO for PCI Applications Maureen oversees all technical aspects of the company’s product including software development and hardware implementations. She is also not above getting her hands dirty and can be found writing code every now and then.

Maureen is very involved with her church and supports many humanitarian activities including Youth for Human Rights International. When she isn’t working, she can almost always be found at the marina or out sailing with her family.

Paul Perrick, Lead Developer

An articulate, results driven senior software engineer, Paul brings to the MyPCISite team 20+ years of application development experience. He spent the last six years of these developing high profile B2B web applications for CBS Paramount Television, where he acted in the capacity of a senior developer.

Paul is highly skilled in taking a set of requirements, developing these into specifications, then bringing the product to market. He has in-depth experience in sophisticated reporting, and in architectural systems research. He is expert in C#, .net, MVC, Javascript and SQL Server.

Paul lives in Tokyo pursuing his lifelong struggle learning Japanese.

What Clients Say

This process was so easy; I was able to complete my yearly PCI requirements in a total of 15 minutes of time spent.

Thanks, MyPCISite, for this simple, merchant-friendly tool that allowed me to easily complete my SAQ and get on with running my business.

Small Merchant

When a breach occurred in my business, the staff were extremely helpful in assisting with questions.

When the actual fines were levied by Visa and MasterCard, we were swiftly reimbursed. A stellar program.

Small Merchant

Your PCI Simplified source is extremely helpful in allowing me to understand the basics of PCI. I would never have been able to wade my way through all the requirements on my own.

Small Merchant

When I learned I was breached, I was very worried and stressed out. When I was informed that breach protection was in effect, I felt a wash of relief. My business was protected. I can’t thank you all enough for the program you put together.

Small Merchant